healthy growth requires more than content

we all need to share
the warmth of contact

our group programs all include opportunities for rich human contact

We offer several group programs that you can participate in remotely. Each one is designed to support you to learn and grow in ways that are difficult or impossible to experience alone. Each program includes opportunities to learn new ideas, develop and practice new skills, and give and receive life-affirming support.

The Coaches’ Greenhouse

The Coaches’ Greenhouse is a self-cultivation and mentoring group program for developmental coaches led by Ken Kirby, Ph.D. The program features small cohorts who join for a pre-determined ‘cultivation period’ (about 4 months at a time). The Greenhouse program is offered multiple times per year to provide coaches opportunities for ongoing mentoring and guidance in self-cultivation and deepening their work with clients.

Each cultivation period focuses on a specific developmental theme and the program includes a mix of group calls on Zoom, individual sessions with Ken, and membership in a private LinkedIn group.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are a coach engaged with clients to help them grow and develop as human beings
  • Want to enhance your work with clients, especially your ability to have them feel seen, understood, and appreciated
  • Want to know you are not alone when you encounter challenging situations while working with your clients
  • Are interested in self-cultivation
  • Recognize the longing in people to participate in enlivening human contact that honors everyone involved
  • Are willing to help establish a network of support among the members of this cohort and participate regularly in the live sessions and LinkedIn private discussion group

Cultivating Mental Freedom

This program led by Ken offers support for you to become familiar with and awaken an aspect of you called your natural mind, or the true nature of mind. We use The Secret of the Golden Flower: The Classic Chinese Book of Life translated by Thomas Cleary as a primary resource. The teachings and practices we will explore together are drawn from Taoist, Buddhist, and Bön traditions and offer simple and powerful methods for us to discover and rest into more of our true nature. The practices support us to access and embody more of our innate qualities such as love, creativity, generosity, and inspiration.

I have come to understand that all our suffering arises from a case of mistaken identity. As far as I can tell, when we suffer, it is always because we are believing or holding ourselves to be something smaller than what is true about us. If we are to develop a healthier understanding of who we are, and access more of our innate wisdom and capacity, we must move beyond concepts and expand the ways that we encounter our self and our world. The methods presented and practiced in this program offer a proven window into this clearer and more inclusive view. And, they do not require us to take up any philosophical or religious dogma. The practices are designed to be applied and incorporated in our practical, everyday life.

This group is open to up to 10 participants, and meets via Zoom for 1.5 hours, every other week, for 12 sessions.

Cultivating Connection through Shared Practice

This is a free, ongoing opportunity offered approximately weekly for you to connect with people like you who want to be of service and become more capable of leading toward wholeness in ourselves, our families, our work, and our world.

We meet for 30 minutes via Zoom. During each session, Ken briefly shares an idea designed to expand and deepen our connection to more of what is true about us, we spend most of the time practicing together, and we take a few moments to discuss any questions or observations about the practice.

Anyone who would like to join with a community of people who are cultivating their capacity to serve are welcome.