we cannot cure all the ills of our world

but we can help heal them
one heart at a time

Cultivating Resilience
and Well-Being

A Team Workshop for Helping Professionals

This contact-rich learning and development program includes a one-day face-to-face workshop (delivered on site at your organization) and 6 monthly follow up calls on Zoom designed to help participants internalize and apply what they learn in the workshop.

The program helps leaders, managers, and staff on teams of helping professionals to become more effective at serving their clients while enjoying more fulfillment in their work. During the program we explore how our identity, our tendencies, our relationships, and our environment affect our ability to serve effectively and feel joy in our work.


The program helps participants reduce:

  • fatigue and burnout
  • internal criticism
  • confusion and frustration
  • loneliness
  • personal or professional turmoil.

Customized Team Cultivation Program

A Decidedly Human Approach
To Strengthen Connection and Performance

Sometimes you really want and need customized attention and support to help your team or teams develop and thrive. Each custom program we conduct is tailored to help your team respond more effectively to one or more persistent challenges they are encountering, or to help them reach a new level of collective service and contribution overall.

What would become possible in your organization if your team members regularly experienced a greater sense of wholeness and well-being, had access to more meaningful and effective ways to help and respond to the needs of others, and related with more love, acceptance, understanding, connection, and support at work?