discover more of what’s true about you
as you learn, grow, and experience more joy

along the arc of
your unfolding

One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring with Ken

This is the most personalized and intensive self-cultivation support that I offer for individuals.

I only work one-to-one with people who want to be of service and who want to become more capable of leading toward wholeness. This program is customized for each client and focuses on helping you discover and honor more of what is true about you, cultivate a strong and loving internal leader, and learn to work more skillfully with your patterns and tendencies in ways that provides you more access to your innate wisdom and capacity.

I meet with my one-to-one coaching and mentoring clients either in person at my office in Davis, California, by Zoom, or by phone for approximately one hour each session. We meet either twice per month or four times each month, depending on the level of support you desire. I offer email support between sessions as needed.

Because this work is developmental in nature, I require each client to commit to at least 6 months at a time, and I have worked with some of my clients for over 10 years.

We do our best to offer something for everyone who wants to be of service and who wants our support to become more capable of leading toward wholeness, regardless of their financial means. Ken’s standard fee is $300 for each one-to-one session, and we offer a sliding fee scale for individual clients (who are not receiving financial support for their coaching from their organization) if needed. And, for people who cannot pay even the lowest fee on the sliding scale, Ken donates several one-to-one coaching and mentoring programs each year.

For clients who receive free coaching and mentoring, we ask them to honor the work we do together and “pay it forward” by being generous to others in their world and by contributing to Evoto financially in whatever way they can, whenever they can.