the world needs people like you to

cultivate and share
more of your gifts

I am Ken Kirby of Evoto, offering coaching and mentoring, classes, and resources for self-cultivation.

We work with people who want to lead a deeply fulfilling life of service, which means:

  • you want your life and work to fulfill you and benefit others
  • you feel the privilege and responsibility to develop and share your gifts
  • you care about enhancing well-being in the world


Your ability to serve in meaningful and effective ways can be inhibited by…

  • internal criticism
  • confusion and frustration
  • loneliness
  • fatigue and burnout
  • personal or professional turmoil

People like us long for…

  • a greater sense of wholeness and well-being in us and our world
  • more meaningful and effective ways to help and respond to the needs of others
  • more love, acceptance, understanding, connection, and support

Each way we could work together will honor your uniqueness
and the organic nature of your unfolding.

Here’s what you can expect if we work together:

  • clarify your most meaningful intentions
  • recognize your patterns and tendencies that inhibit you
  • make small, gentle adjustments that support your growth and service
  • develop a strong and loving internal leader
  • enjoy more mental freedom
  • experience less suffering and more delight

ways we support your transformation