may generosity ripple throughout the world

for the benefit of all

we are all in this together

We do our best to offer something for everyone who wants to be of service and who wants our support to become more capable of leading toward wholeness, regardless of their financial means. We offer classes and resources at a range of prices, and a sliding fee scale for one-to-one sessions. And, for people who cannot pay even the lowest fee on the sliding scale, Ken donates several one-to-one coaching and mentoring programs each year.

For clients who receive free coaching and mentoring, we ask each of them to honor the work we do together and “pay it forward” by being generous to others in their world and by contributing to Evoto financially in whatever way they can, whenever they can.

Any contribution you make here will support us to continue our work to help reduce suffering and enhance well-being in the world. Thank you!

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Contributions will be received by Evoto Company, a California corporation. If you have questions about your contributions, please contact us.